Ann Nigma

Ann E. Nigma, or Tesspiann, is the mascot of the Prose Division. She was created alongside her division.

Her nickname is a play with the name Ann and the word "thespian", which is of or related to the dramatic and, in this case, an actress. Her character is prone to displaying serious theatrical acts.

One of her common nicknames is A.prosition.


She was created with the description of a "demonic puppet" and given two forms. Her first form is almost perfectly human with curved, pointed ears, almond eyes, black hair, and brown skin. Her second form is similar but with marionette joints, the mouth of a puppet, cracked porcelain skin, and black sclera with slanted pupils.
Ann Nigma "Tesspiann"
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Gender identity Woman
Species  Daemonoid
Nicknames • A.prosition
• Tesspiann
Birth dates Apr. 8, 2008
Namesake None