DeVerse, also known as the Diverse Project and Diversity Project, is an entrepreneurial and online community endeavor created by Mar Qaroll. As it is now, it is little more than a creative collaborative group and figurehead of his life's work. Mar hopes for it to become a company for the alternative communities and minds, offering or affiliating with businesses offering merchandise, art and music, and focuses on healthy living. 

Mission statement

The mission of DeVerse is to find even more minds to collaborate with and cultivate a mature, open-minded community. This community will strive to offer the most outlandish, diverse services to members of alternative and different communities ranging from the LARPers to the fetish scene and those of the dark culture.
We advocate for unyielding, devoted lovers of the enigmatic, occult, dark artistry, literature, strange and unusual, macabre, alternative thinking, queer minds, and all things dark in nature, no matter what your age, religion, or any of those unimportant details. Our mission is to become one of the leading providers and sources of the utmost outlandish products, events, projects, and minds spanning across the world.

We aren't afraid to be true to who we are and our interests—no matter how questionable they may be. We will remain peaceful and aware of the darkness, diversity and deviousness in the world, seeing the world from different angles. We dare to deviate from the norm. We dare to differ.

2020 DeVerse logo
Type Collaborative
Industry Literature
Founded • July 5, '06 (offline)
• July 12, '07 (online)
Mascot Dee Vee
Founder(s) Mar Qaroll
Headquarters Hamden, CT, USA
Area served Online (Worldwide)
Staff 1
Subsidiaries Prose Division
Website Countdown Site