A division is a subsidiary directly under the DeVerse name. They have mascots, which are iconic personifications that identify and represent the division. Currently, there is one division with one mascot, though the mascot does not have an official image, yet.

Subsidiary projects (subprojects) are within the divisions of DeVerse. They do not go by specific names nor are their names in capitals. Subdivisions, however, are currently under development and their names are in capitalized abbreviations.

Prose Division

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The Prose Division is the second DeVerse subsidiary officially developed in 2009. All literature-related works—including spoken word—falls under this division. Its mascot is Tesspiann and its attributing colors are black, silver, and sapphire.

The Tales by the One Who Knows and transformative works once fell under this division.


The divisions began as small groups independent of a parent originally located on the art site deviantART. The current future art division was the original DeVerse, then called UnseenARTS[1]. UnseenARTS was specifically for art at the time and eventually split into DeVerse and the eventual art division under DeVerse.

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[1] - Original UnseenARTS account on deviantART