The alphabetized and organized glossary of terms and abbreviations related to the Diverse Project by Mar Qaroll.


    See:  Archive
The Archive is a term used for the offline database that holds information for all and everything related to DeVerse. If something is in the Archive, it is there for its own protection, for copyright protection, mainly because Mar is paranoid, and otherwise kept secret and safe until DeVerse is no longer a simple "group". 


Devite is an oddly affectionate term given to people who aren't members of the Devited but share interests and have alike minds of the members. The term Devite is also given to non-Devited members of sites where DeVerse is located. "Devites" is plural.


Enigmatic was a word used before the names of the divisions of DeVerse. It was used during the times when it was meant to be a group "shrouded in mystery". Since the late 2009 Revamp, the enigmatic "pre-title", as it is called, is unused except under certain circumstances for the sake of nostalgia, usually within the company of the Devited.


    See: Mascot
A mascot is a character used to represent DeVerse and its divisions. Being characters, they have roles outside of being a mascot, such as appearing in some stories within the Paneidoverse. Currently, there are three mascots, one for DeVerse, and one for each division: Dee Vee, and Poe and Ann Nigma, respectively. 


An Outsider is the opposite of a Devite; someone who isn't a member of the Devited and doesn't share the interests or have alike minds of the members. Despite how it sounds, it can be used neutrally or antagonistically. 


Subsidiary projects are small projects within a division. The best example of a subproject was the Tales by the One Who Knows series that was a collection of special types of transformative works.