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About DeVepedia

Welcome to DeVepedia. This wiki was created for the purpose of introducing, explaining, and overall as an online database of information relating to all and everything of the Diverse Project created by Mar Qaroll. DeVepedia itself is an ongoing project, but unlike several sister projects, its name will never change.


Following the creation of the first wiki initially created through Wikispaces, Mar eventually realized he wouldn’t be able to create the ideal wiki the way he envisioned through that host. Though more modest than the enviable MediaWiki technology, the smooth, easy, and customizable options offered by Classic Google Sites were preferred over what most other wiki creation sites offered. 

The ability to create a fully original, non-Creative Commons-bound license greatly helped finalize this decision.

Creation date

Though this version of DeVepedia was officially created in April 2014, the articles date back to 2011 from Wikispaces. The articles were transferred to Google Sites when this wiki was created.


This wiki has two purposes:
  • to inform of DeVerse, which will eventually become a publishing, art, and alternative lifestyle company created by Mar Qaroll.
  • to inform of the fictional worlds and stories under the DeVerse name, namely Paneidoverse.