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Since its creation as UnseenARTS, DeVerse has always had a single person, Mar Qaroll, working behind it, from design to content, creations, planning, organization, and projects. Mar hopes DeVerse will eventually evolve to have even just a handful of important contributors towards its cause. These generous few (or many) will be called the Devited.

Currently, since 2016's revamp, the Devited consist solely of Mar. (There are also the mascots of DeVerse and its subsidiaries.)


Initially, the concept for a name of the members came during the time DeVerse was created on deviantART as UnseenARTS. Chatrooms for groups wasn’t uncommon, and in these groups were assigned positions of the members, from founder, admins and banned and so forth. These positions could be given customizable names, and from there, a permanent element for the group began. 


The Ghouls: 2006 - 2008

Given to the first few generations of UnseenARTS members, the Ghouls consisted of Mar, their friend Nade (alias) and the first mascot, then named Poppette. They had a particular and similar online persona, consisting of mature, yet humorous and satirical mannerisms with prominent uses of snark and sarcasm. This, however, made them unlikable to most persons that entered the chatroom, despite the harmless nature of the group.

The last online remnants of the Ghouls may be found on, where Mar used a pseudonym (ChoH, at the time) to sign his comments with “ChoH & The Ghouls”. 

DV Company: 2009 - 2010

During the 2009 Revamp, the number of members part of Project DV extended to include Mar’s brother, Leow (alias), and a more appropriate name was given to the name of members to complement the changes. The DV Company also saw the addition of another mascot, then named Thesspiann, of the Prose Division.

For a while, names were given to positions in the Company: Versites, Irreguards, Proxists, and Mascots; or founders and the most active members, members that were seldom seen, members that “didn’t really exist”, and physical representatives of the divisions, respectively. Each position, save the mascots', was named after a word with significant meaning to it and a suffix that defined the meaning of the position itself, such as -ite, which means “resident of/follower/product of”. 

The TARDs: 2012 - 2013

For a short while, Mar went through an experimental phase for development of the members’ culture. An element was created to make the Company even more unique: the Executables. Initially created solely for Mar’s personal use, Executables were a way to identify the hierarchy of members without using a standard hierarchy tree as used in companies. Despite this, implementing Executables was not used until Revamp 2k16 while the previously used DV Company position names remained for the next few years.

What was also deeply experimental was the use of the word “Bastard” as the name of DeVerse members in the hierarchy. The word was typeset with uppercase “TARD” for “BasTARD”, or the “BasTARDs”. It was never an official name, as Mar used it humorously. The name even evolved briefly to "DeviTARD” for an even shorter while; by then Mar knew an official name was once more needed.

Devited: Late 2013 - Present

Realization that the proper name for members with positions in DeVerse rested in the way the positions themselves were made gave way to the current name, the Devited. The name is similar to the Versite position, as it carries the suffix -ite. Following this, a name for those who shared ideals and interests with the members was created: Devite. By this time, unfortunately, most of the Devited were practically all Irreguards (seldom seen) and once again, Mar manned the Diverse Project alone.


An Executable, named after computer technology able to perform tasks according to encoded instructions, is a tagline and/or/followed by a three-lettered extension used to recognize the persons in the Devited. The idea was initially used for Mar’s personal use, but it has become a signature quirk that makes the Devited one of a kind.

Formerly used Executables

  • ://Est_rang?erous3%of%DeVited.xml
  • E=nigh_matic2%of%DeVited.php
  • In...sth=&ane4%of%DeVited.js

Mar's personal Executables

  • ://Mar//e… (somewhat outdated)
  • ://Not//

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