Prose Division

The Prose Division, also known as EP, is the second division of DeVerse for literature. It is considered the sister of the future visual-art related division currently known as EA. While it is the first of DeVerse's divisions that are currently public, it was created after and during the naming process for its sister division in 2007. 

Though it is called the prose division, and prose is a "technique" of literature, the word is used simply because Mar Qaroll believes "Literature Division" isn't as catchy.

For ten years as of 2020, it is the only of the many intended divisions with material actively submitted online.

Currently, its works can be found on World Anvil[1]. Wattpad[2], and Archive of Our Own[3] under Mar's name. 

Prose Division
2016 logo
Developed date April 2009
Division Literature
Mascot Tesspiann
Former name(s) • Nightmare Premotions
• Enigmatic Promotions
Subsidiaries DeVepedia
• Paneidoverse
Former subsidiaries • Project KW
• Project PHE
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